How to Choose Your Custom Closet Systems

Installing a custom closet system can be expensive. However, if you decide to purchase a custom closet, it can be customized to fit your personal needs and preferences. The cost of customizing your closet can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Some custom closet makers in Los Angeles also offer an installation service after the closet system is installed.

There are several types of custom closet systems, depending upon the layout and the materials you are using to construct your custom closet. Basic custom closet systems consist of simple drawers above or below a standard size box. With customized systems, there can be one or more custom finishes applied to the wood, including painted finishes, drawer fronts made of different woods like oak or pine, custom doors, and hardware, custom shutters, and shades, and custom hardware such as handles, knobs, and pulls. All custom closet systems come standard with a top and bottom board.

Other custom closet items include custom closets with full or partial wall-mounted rod racks, custom organizers, custom rails, custom closet organizers, and shelves, and custom hooks and rods. You may also have the option of customizing doors, including the type of wood, color, and hardware, for your closets. A popular choice is wood strips with decorative borders, which give the appearance of built-in shelving. For less permanent changes, you may wish to consider installing partial wall shelving units, which eliminate the need for custom rods.

With so many choices for custom closet shelving, it can be difficult to know where to start. Start by looking for real wood shelves, which provide an almost wood-like appearance and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Real wood shelves are typically constructed using durable, warp-resistant woods such as oak or maple, although you may find them finished with veneer, painting, or other durable treatments. The advantage of real wood shelves is that they allow for better movement of clothes and other accessories.

If you want your custom closet to include more storage, you may also want to install custom closet organizers. Closet organizers are similar to custom racking in that they usually include a pair of vertically positioned drawers for hanging clothes and/or other accessories. Some include tiered shelves or drop-bottom drawers for shoes, while others have one or two drawers in the center. Many of the organizers are made of wire, and you will have to decide whether you prefer wire shelves that go straight down into the floor, or drop-bottom drawers that must be placed near the bottom of the closet.

Closet organizers can be custom made to fit your specific space by ordering them according to your measurements. You can find instructions on how to measure for these custom closet systems online, as well as various designs and styles. Most of them have several options, including different types of rails and drawers, as well as different ways in which to hang them. Once installed, your custom closet system will not only look better, it will function better, as well, with fewer misses put in your process of getting things organized. In order to make sure that your custom closet system compliments your overall decor, take some time to look at some before and after pictures of the people whose clothes you will be hanging. Click here to learn more about custom closet.