Things to Consider When Installing a Bathroom and Shower Combo

Many of us who have been showering for a while now, want to make a bath & shower conversion on our own. It does save a good bit of money, so it can be a viable option if you have a bigger budget. One issue that many people have with a conversion is the fact that there are usually a lot more joints than when you’re making a regular bathroom shower. Some people try to hide the joints by putting in fiberglass shower doors instead of the usual glass, but this often ends up giving an unkempt looking bathroom. If you really want a nice clean-looking shower, then you will have to get professional bathroom remodeling help and take some time to do the job right.

Another big issue that people run into when making a bath & shower conversion is the fact that they put in the fiberglass shower doors which often don’t fit. This is not a problem if you’ve bought a new house where the bathroom is brand new and everything fits. If you’ve moved into an older home or are still renting, then it may be a bit more difficult. You can usually find replacement walk-in shower stalls at stores such as Target, Walmart, and even online. Replacing walk-in showers is much cheaper than buying a brand new one and you get a similar look and feel.

The second major issue that you will run into with a bathtub and shower conversion is getting the plumbing done properly. Sometimes you will be able to purchase a kit, and just do the piping, but sometimes you will have to cut the pipes and tubing yourself. Make sure you’ve got a good set of plumbing tools, such as a drain-and-trap auger, a caulking gun, some stainless steel fittings, and tubing and lots of water.

The third problem, you will likely run into is getting your bathtub and shower doors the right way. Some people try to put a door on sideways which often works but it’s very hard to seal the door and have it remain waterproof. So, one of the most common problems you will run into when installing a bathtub and shower combo leaks. Sometimes you can’t use your existing shower to open the bathtub and vice versa. Either way, you’ll need a way to seal the shower doors to prevent water from getting inside and causing a leak. This might mean putting a screen over the shower door to keep water out.

Another problem you will run into when installing a bathtub and shower combination is the plumbing for the faucets. These are typically very simple fixtures that you can usually install yourself. Of course, you could hire someone to do it, but you may find that it’s less expensive to buy the materials and install it yourself. If you’re going to hire Luxury Bath Technologies, make sure they’ve installed shower/bathtub combos before. Also, ask them to show you how they would set up your bathtub and shower to make sure it’s going to be installed properly. It’s always better to have a professional install this type of project rather than trying to go it alone.

Finally, if you’ve chosen to put your bathtub and shower together yourself, you’ll also run into problems with the pipes. For one thing, they’ll often be filled with mineral deposits which can be a real pain to remove. Also, some older bathtubs don’t have a ventilation hole which means the pipes under the bathtub can get clogged with dust, hair, and other particles. Luckily, there are solutions to all of these problems. There are kits available to help you install your bathtub and shower doors correctly so that water will run smoothly and won’t cause any damage to your bathroom.